Saturday 10th December - Resting

I'm looking forward to the end of the semester. Not only does it mean I'll have my dissertation finished, but also that I'll finally get a chance to rest.

The Christmas break is often considered a period where we spend too much time with family, spend our earnings on presents and stamps, and eat ourselves to an early grave. But I don't care much for all of that. What I'm looking forward to is not having to think about my next deadline for a while. Sure I have an exam (yes, that's right, just one) in January but I won't think about that till next year.

In other news, I've just figured out how to send photos from my phone to Maximus via bluetooth, so here are some photos from the last few days:

Who says theology students don't have a sense of humour?

We seem to also have a fascination with pipe cleaners. We even had them at our Freshers' Week Barbecue. And at our Ball come to think of it.

Dancing the night away in the only club in town

My new climbing frame - An early Christmas present from Santa

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