Sunday 11th December - Feeling Christmassy

Hello there! At this exact moment in time I should be halfway through writing a paragraph on Denys Turner, writing on Denys the Carthusian, writing on silence in mystical theology. But I'm not. I'm here writing for you guys! Don't you just feel loved?

Anywho, you can probably sense from how I started this post that I'm buzzing ever so slightly. Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a Christmassy evening that left me not wanting to leave the Bubble. With good company, irrelevant yet engaging conversation (i.e. reminiscing about the toys and games of the 90s), and imbibition, a fun evening was had by all.

Someone pointed out that it was funny that all of us were wearing checked shirts.

Apparently my son "loves" the envelope I put his card in. The snowman is a reference to this video 

I also gave my son his Raisin string. It may just look like a random bunch of objects but they all say something about him. The paintbrush is a reference to his creativity and his love for drawing (he "paints" on Photoshop hence the paintbrush). The keyring is an obvious allusion to his home away from home (he's a JSA student, returning to the States at the end of this semester). I chose this particular keyring because it has a Celtic cross on it and Celtic Christianity is his favourite topic in theology. The bourbon cream is purely because it's his favourite biscuit and he wishes they had them in America. It's personally my favourite bit of the string, probably because I enjoyed dashing around the house looking for cardboard to draw bourbon creams on. It also has the same design on the back, making it look good enough to eat from a distance. Last but not least is the Shy Guy from the Mario games. He likes his video games so I thought I'd include it on the string. And there we have it - my last ever Raisin string.

My friend seemed to like his talking bobblehead. I was so relieved by this because I didn't know anything about Star Trek when I was hunting for presents.

I made tiffin. It went down well with Disaronno

In other news, a new blog by a dear friend of mine called Go away I'm writing! has come to my attention. It's worth following if only to make sure you read her stuff before she becomes a distinguished novelist. I'd like to think I'm plugging it because I'm a good friend an' all, but deep down it's probably only because the blog's named after the Christmas present I bought her. You all still love me really ... I think.

Also, sorry for the colours on the blog. I tried to switch to one of the new "dynamic views," but didn't really like the way readers could change how they viewed the page. Why would you want to do that? It's the same content but with a different design. Anyway, I didn't really get it so switched back, only to realise that I hadn't saved the old template *sigh*

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