Sunday 4th December - Christmas Lantern Launch

1. Watch Hard Candy
2. Go to sleep at silly o'clock (on the sofa, again) and undo the previous day's rest
3. Wake up, see that it's a beautifully sunny day outside then go back to sleep
4. Wake up (again), make a bacon sandwich, exchange chinky faces with brother and go back to sleep
4. Wake up, have a shower, brave the cold and go to the pier to release some Christmas lanterns
5. Lend gloves to a friend so my fingers go numb and purple, light lantern and allow it to grow into a great fireball, let it go and watch it fly into a group of screaming students
6. Relish in all the fire-fun

Yes that is me. I wasn't a fan of my face so gave myself a new one

The lantern trying to attack me. It should have looked like the one in the background

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