Thursday 29th December - Da Vinci Exhibition and Portobello Market

Arrived at the National Gallery before sunrise - Time to start queuing!

Look at the queue....


... It just kept on going.

Queued up for four hours, only to get a 5:30pm slot.

Five hours to kill, so I decided to go and visit some other exhibitions. After seeing Hokusai's "Great Wave" at the British Museum, I popped into the British Library and took a look at the illuminated manuscripts.

Yes, yes. No photos. But it's me. I can't help it.

I was inspired by what I saw. So much so that I bought myself a little gift. A wooden pen and ink set to be precise, ink blotter included! I then tried to acquire some gold leaf and vellum from my favourite art shop, but with no luck. Alas, the illuminating will have to wait.

The exhibition was amazing. Truly. Stayed in there for three hours and I can honestly say it was worth every minute. Also, being in the National Gallery after hours is a great feeling. Very "Night at the Museum"-esque.

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