Friday 17th September - Papal Visit

If you're interested, follow me on twitter tomorrow for live updates on the scene at Westminster Cathedral and Hyde Park -

Thursday 16th September - I really am rubbish at this

I have so much to share with you, but I just can't find the time. There's the trip to Brighton, Stephen Fry Live, my brother crying on national tv (he will just love me for showing you all this), The Celibacy Debate, and the coverage on the first day of the Pope's visit. It's also not a great time for me to be falling ill ... I need to be well for Saturday! And for university of course....

If only updating this thing was as easy as twitter. By the way, follow me if you feel like hearing some banter about the papal visit. I'll promise to be serious in parts.

Wednesday 8th September - News

I read this story in the paper and it made me chuckle a bit:

'A priest's Sunday service turned into a [M]ass brawl when he attacked one of his congregation. fr Victor Jimeno, of Valencia, slapped a man who spat out a communion wafer [*cough* the Body of Christ], sparking a fight. 'I know we are supposed to turn the other cheek but Fr Victor felt what this man needed most was vengeance, not forgiveness,' said one witness.'

And a Bible passage to suit:

Arise, O Lord! Deliver me, O my God! Strike all my enemies on the jaw; break the teeth of the wicked ~ Psalms 3:7

Tuesday 7th September - Plans

I've just booked tickets to go to the screening of Conspiracy of Silence and to attend the Celibacy Debate that is to follow - a great way to get into the theological mind-frame I've been avoiding these past few months.

With only two weeks left in London it's going to be a busy time with all these upcoming events. Seeing Stephen Fry on Monday, Celibacy Debate on Tuesday and then hyperactivity all up till Saturday when I make my debut (wait that's a lie ... although The Big Questions on BBC doesn't count) on the big screen ... in your living room.


And with the tube strike in London, I find this song highly appropriate. Any excuse to listen to the Amateur Transplants

Sunday 5th September - Youth Representatives' Papal Visit Meeting

I'm all hyped up for the Pope's visit. I have my snazzy red top (as shown), my extremely cool gold-yellow stringbag and my PONCHO.

Photo credit to Claz Coms

It's going to be great.