Tuesday 26th October - That Feeling

Have you ever had that feeling brought on by a song, a picture, or something offhand someone may have said, that takes you back in time to a place you had long forgotten? You forget where you are and what you are doing. The here and now blends into the past. Senses are confused. All of a sudden you can hear, touch, and smell a situation which took place many years ago. At first the feeling is disorientating, but then your whole being is embraced and enveloped in this memory. Except it doesn't feel like a memory. It's like you are there, again, re-living that moment that brought you utter happiness. That smile, that laughter. So happy, so innocent, so familiar.

But you are brought back to reality just as quickly as you were transported there. The laughter fades, the colours dim, the glowing feeling evaporates around you. You re-enter the conversation as if you had never left, shaking the thought out of your head as if nothing happened. As if it never happened.

Thursday 14th October - Icons? Monothelitism? Gottschalk? Soteriology?

My desk i.e. the dining room table as it has been all day, and will be the next week or so.

Also, you have to love a bit of B.J. Thomas and Marc Cohn. Just saying.

Sunday 10th October - Oh

I had forgotten I have a blog. Don't really know what to say. Probably a waste of a post. Sorry.