Wednesday 21 May - A year on

It's been such a long time since I've written on here it came as a surprise to discover that a good handful of you still check in. It's probably been quite a disappointment to find that there haven't been any new updates but I'm hoping that will change.

Looking back over some of my old posts I can't quite believe how often I used to write. Most of it was about student angst, vague theology or just banal. Now that the days of afternoon lectures and walks by the beach are long gone, I'm not quite sure of the direction this blog will take.

A lot has changed in the last year. The majority of my time is now spent working on the Guardian's GuardianWitness, with dancing and riding my Vespa filling up my spare time. Unfortunately, I've had to put the last two on hold after being in a road accident four weeks ago. Bar dental problems and the inability to walk I got off quite lightly considering (imagine flying over the bonnet of a car and propelling towards the road face first...). Now that I'm stuck home for the foreseeable future, and inspired by St John XXIII's daily decalogue, I'm attempting to rediscover some of the old hobbies I used to love - updating this blog and drawing to name but a few.

I hope I'll have something more interesting to write next time but for now, if you have no idea what GuardianWitness is about, take a look at the video below.