Saturday 10th March - Onesie

This arrived in the post today:

Friends have already threatened to disown me. It's ok if you do too.

The Fruits of a Stroll

Unable to sleep I went for a cycle down by the beach.


Also, this is my favourite song at the moment: Go on, click play.

Monday 5th March - My Weekend

This weekend, a friend and I travelled down to London to go to the ballet. If I'm honest, I wanted to stay in St Andrews and make the most of the time I have left up here, not to mention the ever so tiny detail of having a 2,000 book review due in on Sunday evening that I had not started ... Little did I know that I would have an incredible time, making the all-nighter and my current lethargic state (have only had an hour or two of sleep here and there since 10am on Sunday morning - it is currently 4am on Tuesday morning) prices worth paying.


Friday afternoon and I'm standing at Leuchars station slightly annoyed that it's sunny. Don't get me wrong, sunny weather's great, just that usually when it's sunny here it's rainy and bleak down south, and vice versa. I'm looking forward to the ballet but I have a slightly sick feeling in my mouth thinking about that darned book review. I know what I'm like. When I'm in London I don't work. My friend's trying to convince me that I'll be "fine" seeing as I have 6 hours on the train. Hmmmm. I'm not convinced. Anyway, the train's arrived.

Ah London. I never fail to feel a great sense of warmth when I step off the train, staring at the skylights as I walk down the platform. I'm tired though. Didn't get as much work done as I would have liked, but I'm here now. Tomorrow's going to be great.

Bah. It's raining. Oh well. Friend's still excited about being in London. First stop for us today is Portobello Market. I do like it down here. So much variety and culture. Very ... London. Friend won't stop raving about how much she loves it here already. Wonder what she'll think of the ballet?...

We're a bit early so I've suggested a wee walk across Trafalgar Square. See, most people want to know the history behind Nelson's Monument, or ask about the art work in the National Gallery, but not my friend. She wants a photo with one of the lions. Now see, I wouldn't normally think anything of this but we're both wearing dresses ... She's adamant though. Also, being a mountaineer the high ledge is no bother for her. Oh ... she's just flashed her bum to the whole of London. How funny. I can't stop laughing. No use in trying to tell her till she's up there though as it might make things worse. Now where's Hector?
"Hey, can you pass my shoes up?" 
"Sure ... Erm, you know you just flashed your bum to everyone?" 
"... What? ... Oh gosh! *bursts out in laughter*"
Just looked at my watch. Where did the time go? No time to walk down the Strand now, so we best catch a bus. Ooh, an old Routemaster. Yep, just as I expected. She loves our buses too. That's fair enough. I'm a fan too. Oh here we are - The Royal Opera House. I do like the ballet. Really looking forward to seeing Romeo and Juliet. Ah, best stop rambling now, it's about to start.

Well that was simply wonderful. I was completely entranced by the detail in the costumes. Wow. Right, Covent Garden. Ah yes, friend and I should really get a photo taken together. Best ask someone.
"Sorry to bother you, but do you mind taking a photo of me and my friend?"
"Lo siento, pero no hablo Ingles."
"Oh ... tu eres Espanyol?"
"Si "
Now this is where it became awkward. I could understand everything she was saying, and yet my mind went blank. I was trying to respond in Spanish but my brain was translating the English into Tagalog. So I panicked, and replied in English with sporadic bouts of Spanish words here and there. God, how embarrassing. She seemed to kind of understand what I was saying. Well I mean, she took a photo so I guess that's something. Oh, her daughter's arrive. She's telling me that we have the same camera. "Ah, si. Erm ... anyway, gracias. Lo siento por mi mal Espanyol." I'm mortified. Wish the ground would swallow me up.

Had dinner down Chinatown. Will probably pop by the National Gallery before going for that cycle around Hyde Park. What to do in the evening though? Friend's asking if we can go to a swing club. Hmmm. Sounds interesting. Never been to one here but I'm sure Google can help me there. Oh ok, there's something on tonight in Holborn. Lessons and a social afterwards - could be fun. Not sure if we'll make it in time though. Anyway, time to go and pretend I have never seen Van Gogh's Sunflowers, and poke fun at Seurat's lazy painting technique (next time you go and see Bathing at Asineres look carefully at the slight glow around the bodies. To highlight and separate his subjects, Seurat seems to have just dragged a brush to form harsh lines, making the flow of the scene look inconsistent. Cheating not to mention sheer laziness. [NB I hope you all know I'm joking by the way (or am I?) I just like to think the things I say when looking at art will make someone laugh, and shatter the illusion that people who like art only talk about "how emotive this is for me". {I actually heard someone say that}]).

Well, our attempt to cycle completely fell through. It shouldn't surprise me to be honest, as it's happened before. I paid for two bikes but the machine(s) would only print one release code. Ugh. It's fine though. My friend still managed to do a couple of circles around Speakers' Corner before we gave up. Really wanted to try somewhere different for Afternoon Tea, but stupidly didn't think to make a reservation anywhere. We called the Wolseley to see if they had anything available but they said we'd have to just turn up and wait for half an hour or so. Oh well, Fortnum and Mason it is then.

Seems we're going ahead with this Swing Club. Not sure what to think. For all we know there won't be anyone there. Hmmm, small back street with 50s music and flashing lights - this must be the place *5 hours later* I think I can safely say I had a great time. Never thought I'd enjoy dancing properly (none of that stuff you see in The Lizard). Met some lovely people too. Friend and I were probably the youngest there but that wasn't an issue. I'm really sad I have to leave actually. Wish I could go to the Swing social tomorrow. Swapped numbers with someone so I have no excuse about not having to go with anyone when I'm next in London. I'll tell you now though, I can't stop dancing. Doing the Charleston towards the bus stop with a few bunny hops thrown in. Ah, London you beaut. You never fail to surprise. (Sadly there are no photos from the evening - a sure sign a grand time was had).

Sunday morning. Wouldn't normally be up considering our late night yesterday but Mass beckons. Looking forward to it. Mainly to see how my priest's beard is doing. Ha! Not really yes really. *1 hour later* Gosh church was packed. T'was a shame I didn't have time to catch up with people. As expected Fr S has just hounded reminded me about emceeing for the Holy Triduum. Apparently there will be a few Baptisms which should be fun. Not. I only say that because last time I nearly dropped the paschal candle. The gasp from the 250+ strong congregation did NOT help. Anyway have a train to catch.

Ah, travelling by first class is nice isn't it? Tea? Oh, don't mind if i do, thank you. Right, I have to work. I have no excuse now. 6 hours before we arrive in Leuchars. I can do this. I think. Before I start I'll just let the last 48 hours sink in. Looking out the window I can't stop smiling. I should be acting like a headless ostrich, but I'm still running on the high from last night. God forbid, I think I'm happy.