Saturday 7th January - Revision and Old Stuff

Was looking through some old stuff to help with revision and came across this little nugget. I remember the task was that we had to write something on natural law in less than 60 words. Here's what I wrote:

One's nature is to be rational
said Catholic St Augustine
who was a Father of the Church
and original sin
And turning to Aquinas
who responded to God's law
in conjunction with his reason
and in the things he saw,
Leads to truly knowing God
without the aid of revelation
that we as human beings
are part of his creation.

Sunday 1st January - Celebrating New Year's Eve, the Spanish Way

Manigong bagong taon to my family, propsero años to my Spanish friends, and a happy new year to the rest of you!

This sums up the relationship between siblings to a tee, methinks.


Mmm, paella.

She is so utterly adorable. Got me all broody she did.

12 different types of fruit for luck in the new year.

Getting ready with my 12 grapes. One for each chime at midnight. Apparently, one is supposed to chew and swallow each one before the next chime. A lot harder than I thought!

And once the grapes are all gone, time to down some champagne!

Mon frère: The other member of Jedward.

"Nothing to do now the fireworks are over."

Thursday 29th December - Da Vinci Exhibition and Portobello Market

Arrived at the National Gallery before sunrise - Time to start queuing!

Look at the queue....


... It just kept on going.

Queued up for four hours, only to get a 5:30pm slot.

Five hours to kill, so I decided to go and visit some other exhibitions. After seeing Hokusai's "Great Wave" at the British Museum, I popped into the British Library and took a look at the illuminated manuscripts.

Yes, yes. No photos. But it's me. I can't help it.

I was inspired by what I saw. So much so that I bought myself a little gift. A wooden pen and ink set to be precise, ink blotter included! I then tried to acquire some gold leaf and vellum from my favourite art shop, but with no luck. Alas, the illuminating will have to wait.

The exhibition was amazing. Truly. Stayed in there for three hours and I can honestly say it was worth every minute. Also, being in the National Gallery after hours is a great feeling. Very "Night at the Museum"-esque.

Family at Christmas

1. Skype is an amazing invention.
2. Cmd + Shift + 3 on Maximus is genius.
3. I love my cousins so much.
4. I terribly miss the Philippines.

He makes a mean Two-Face face.

My cousins - So cheeky, the lot of 'em.

Look at my brother - Behind bars.

He's such a fool.

Spinning around in the kitchen as he Skypes me on his iPad. As you do.

Saying "Good Morning (Afternoon)" - My Way

So, we have a climbing frame outside our house. Naturally, I felt the need to have a wander about on it.  At the last minute though, I thought I'd put the frame to good use - say Good Afternoon to my flatmate.

The note. Not just any note. This note was going to shine. It was going to be different from any other.

This was it. There was no turning back.

I clambered out and looked back. Had I forgotten something?

A tricky path but I was not deterred. I was adamant to complete my task.

Casually checking myself out.

The Climb.

It was a long way down, but it was ok. I had reached the halfway mark. I was close.

Edging closer I could see the end in sight.

Mission completed. The note had reached its destination.

I *may* have recycled the paper.

The result?