Monday 27th February - RAG Week 2012

RAG Week stands for Raising and Giving Week. It's the time in St Andrews where lots of events are put on to fundraise for charity.

I did some filming during that week for Bubble TV. Here's the final video:

Shame they couldn't spell my name right though.

Sunday 26th February - Antiques Roadshow at St Andrews

It's been nearly a year since I first mentioned stewarding for the BBC, but finally, the St Andrews Antiques Roadshow is coming to a screen near you. Tonight on BBC1 at 8pm, you will be treated to Chinese vases from the Forbidden City, as well as the usual appearance of ambassadors looking pretty in red gowns.

There were a few takes at the end of the day that required some of the stewards, including me, to play "curious members of the public." 

Praying to God the antique I was standing behind covered my face.

Sunday 12th February - Standing in the Car Park for Mass

Today I went to the 11am Mass and found myself standing outside in the car park, listening to the priest recite the Eucharistic doxology through a speaker.

When I first turned the corner on to The Scores I was surprised to find - what looked like - a group of people queuing to get into the church. I was confused. Were they not allowed inside? Had Mass started? Was it Palm Sunday already? I walked over and did what any good Brit would have done and stood behind the person in front of me (not too close to smell their aftershave, and not too far for me to look like I was just casually standing on the pavement randomly). I could vaguely make out what was being said inside over the scent of cooked breakfast wafting from one of the B&Bs. It was then (whilst thinking about bacon) that I heard a child's voice. He must have been about 10 and was reading the first reading. I was even more confused than I was earlier. It's usually the same person reading at the 11am Mass. It was then that one of the stewards said something about children getting confirmed today. That explained it. But wait, the boy still sounded a bit too young. I put the thought to one side.