"Love is not so much a feeling as it is a decision": do you agree or disagree?

Interesting question. In my experience I don't know where the 'decision' part comes into love. It's very much about the feeling - the feeling of being whole, as if you and this person can take on the world, as if nothing else matters. As far as I know, I didn't choose to fall in love. Then again, once you are in love, you are left to make the decision as to what to do next. Do you tell the other person if they don't know? If they do know, do you continue with the relationship? What if it won't work out, do you still try and fight for it? I'd have to disagree and say that love is both. The initial stages of being in love may not require much decision-making, but the longevity and the future of said love relies on well-made decisions.

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