Friday 21st September - New Start

Whether you're a faithful follower or you simply stumbled across this site because you typed in "raisin," "tea," or "theology" into Google, welcome. For those who have been here before, you will already know that this blog is not about quantity but qual... no, scrap that. The majority of my previous posts have been about life in St Andrews and the Philippines. Amongst the sea of photographs there are some interesting pieces on theology and spirituality which I hope to repost in the near future. It has been a while since I have written any more than a sentence on here so please excuse the cobwebs.

Since graduating, life has slowly been throwing me opportunities that have made the offline world worth living and blogging near impossible. Back in May, I was lucky enough to be offered an internship at The Guardian. I attended the interview with the hope of simply coming out of it alive. The only two things that were going through my head whilst sitting at reception that day was 1. Breathe. 2. Talk.

You will be pleased to know I remembered to do both, and a few weeks later I found myself with a freelance pass in my hand, a view over Regent's Canal and the opportunity of a lifetime. The time I spent there during my internship was short yet enjoyable, so it came as a surprise when I was asked to return to work on a project. For the next two months I was a researcher on the Brick-by-Brick series, or as most of the online world knew it as, the Lego Olympics.

Like all good things, the Olympics came to an end and I no longer needed to be in the office every day. Urged on by a fellow intern, I applied to do the fast-track NCTJ diploma in Journalism at Lambeth College and the rest is, as they say, history. 

Along with questions or issues to do with philosophy and ethics, theology is what keeps me up at night - which is probably a good a reason as any to want to be a religious affairs correspondent. That said, I enjoy writing features and comment pieces as well as posting photographs I've taken here and there. 

In regards to religion, I think people underestimate its importance in the public square. It has shaped the world as we know it and it affects many aspects of life such as politics, law, culture and identity. Buildings have been built and destroyed in its name, as well as wars started and lives saved. Books have been written praising it, and placards have been waved denouncing it. 

But religion is not black and white. In fact it is one of the most grey things you will ever come across. It will make you think and it may even make you angry, but you can be certain everyone will have an opinion on it.

My aim from here on in is to provide a platform for my work, published or otherwise. At the very least I hope some of it will be read, and perhaps even raise questions or stimulate debate. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to drop me an email. 

Your ever verbose blog administrator,

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