Tuesday 10th November - 100th Post

Wow. My 100th post.
I actually started a blog based on someone's suggestion. 'British-Filipino-Catholic-in-Calvinist-Country-Seeking-Enlightenment' is what he said; although somehow I don't think it turned out to be exactly what he was expecting.

To 'celebrate' I thought I'd be extremely unimaginative and banal by writing a list of 100 things I've learnt since I've started university. I can't boast age and wisdom but I can boast youthfulness, naïveté and foolishness. So here goes:

1. Receiving post has never been so exciting.
2. I now know why cyclists piss drivers off.
3. Nothing beats a walk (and being armed with a camera) when you need to clear your head.
4. Moleskines are amazing.
5. You can never take too many photographs.
6. Bread can be eaten at any time of the day... and night.
7. A tv license is not required. That is what the internet is for.
8. Lego will forever be cool.
9. A mouse is a necessity even if you have a laptop.
10. The kitchen doesn't clean itself, especially when there are five other people living with you.
11. Discussions are different to arguments, particularly when it comes to theology.
12. It's sunnier in St Andrews than it is in London.
13. Knowing how to speak more than one language makes sitting on public transport more interesting.
14. Being single is not the end of the world. It means you have more time for who's important: yourself.
15. 5ps are worthless.
16. Monocle-wearing chaps in three-piece suits who hunt rabbits attend university and are younger than twenty five do exist beyond the 1920's.
17. Writing an essay in one sitting is never a good idea.
18. Relating to number 17, you can never have enough sleep. Grab a siesta or 'power nap' when you can.
19. You don't have to be an owl to be nocturnal.
20. You can always do better...
21. ... but that doesn't mean you won't make mistakes.
22. Family is important. They will be there for you even if no one else will be.
23. Music and films in other languages can be really good even if you don't understand them.
24. Easyjet: you get what you pay for.
25. Travelling is one of the best things you can do.
26. Relationships don't always end like they do in rom-coms.
27. You never need an excuse to dress up.
28. Post-it notes are a life saver.
29. The MTheol is the degree to die for.
30. If you're a blogger it means people in the real world have become sick of listening to you.
31. Facebook is overrated; although I'll still press F5 every five minutes.
32. Everyone needs a hand-made lego head.
33. Spooks is the only thing worth watching on tv (at the moment).
34. Toothpaste can be used to clean more than just your teeth.
35. When it comes to politics common sense is crucial; many politicians lack such a thing.
36. Friends will always put a smile on your face.
37. You are not alone.
38. Roundabouts are hell for cyclists.
39. To not judge books by their covers is foolish... but still, give them a chance.
40. There's a difference between getting up and waking up.
41. Touch-typing is learnt through continuous use of MSN.
42. Money is no burden when it comes to books.
43. We all have to grow up someday.
44. 'Sorry' is a word that is used too often.
45. British politeness can be a pain.
46. 'Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be carrying around baggage' - American History X.
47. 'The spirit may be willing but the body is weak' - Matthew 26:41.
48. I think too much.
49. One person's ignorance is another's form of laughter.
50. Not everybody understands dry sarcasm. Give at least a hint of a smile to our dear American cousins.
51. We can't choose the ones we love.
52. Nothing will ever be what you expect it to be.
53. In relation to number 53, it's our expectations that let us down.
54. Super glue dries quicker than you think.
55. Distance should not be a hindrance to long-lasting relationships...
56. ... And yet sometimes it is.
57. Confusion is a given fact of my life.
58. Windscreen wipers for glasses are a must.
59. Blink and life will pass you by.
60. Sine labore nihil.
61. I worry far too much for my own good.
62. You are NOT what you eat, but who you are.
63. Things can look better on paper (or on a screen) than they do in real life.
64. Pensiveness is a permanent state.
65. Tea is better than coffee.
66. The most joy one can get is from making others happy.
67. Things happen for a reason.
68. I say strange and random things.
69. The conclusion of an essay sounds so much better when it is referred to as an 'intellectual tantrum'.
70. Sometimes the most important things in life are right in front of our eyes.
71. Romans 7:15.
72. Answering a question right whilst watching University Challenge will result in you convincing yourself that you are good enough to audition next year.
73. Struggling with your faith is not necessarily a bad thing. If it's for you then you will come out a stronger person with a better understanding of what you believe; if not, then you will come out a stronger person.
74. We are all hypocrites, more so than we think.
75. There is too much beauty in the world for it to just be an accident.
76. The simple pleasures in life are the most fulfilling.
77. Attempting to rationalise everything is a mistake.
78. Sometimes 'the hope of the possibility is better than it happening in reality'.
79. It's not about trying to be someone that you're not but becoming who you are meant to be.
80. Centre is spelt with an -re because the British are pretentious when it comes to language.
81. Perfectionism is an unobtainable truth. Yet we should still strive for it.
82. Feet were made for walking, not for tripping over anything more than an inch above the floor.
83. Watching cooking programmes don't teach you how to cook, they just make you hungry.
84. A jaffa cake is a biscuit.
85. Never not be proud of what you do.
86. Cycling and going food shopping in your pyjamas will get you strange looks. Naturally.
87. The toastie maker is your best friend.
88. You may lose your heart, but not your mind.
89. An ostrich thinks it's invisible when it hides its head in the ground or behind a bush. It adopts the childish mentality of 'if I can't see you then you can't see me'. A bit of trivia for you there.
90. Such things as £1 Scottish notes exist!
91. The sun is deceiving. It may look warm and sunny but you'll bloody freeze your toes off if you go outside in anything less than a snow suit.
92. I was taught the 'wrong' way to hold my knife and fork.
93. Pulling wavy hair taut and cutting it makes it bounce up at least an inch shorter than you anticipate.
94. People (other than those within two feet of you) can actually hear you even when you think you are whispering.
95. The laundry machine should not be filled to its maximum capacity.
96. Life would be easier if it had a Ctrl+z function.
97. Don't underestimate the 'Wet Floor' signs.
98. Multi-tasking is not a man's forte.
99. Paper cuts hurt more than large gashes.
100. Making a list of 100 of anything is harder than I thought.


  1. Well done! I will have a little party to celebrate this event. Well, but little party I meant that I brought a few magners up to my room and told my housemates I'd be working...... Still, Well Done on bringing a fantastic blog into it's centenary!!

    P.S: I don't mean to be a buzzkill, but 43. & 84.

  2. Thanks for that. I could have said that it was like that for emphasis, but 21.