Sunday 25th January - 'Be fruitful and multiply'

Today I babysat for one of my mum's friends. He's only nine weeks old but is the spitting image of my brother when he was three months.

It’s been said many times that caring for a baby is stressful; all they do is cry, feed, sleep and poop. But spending my day attending to all those needs made me aware of another side that is sometimes overlooked. Like when you’re holding the small babe in your arms, his tiny hands grasping at the air; or when a toothless smile curls across that soft tender face. One cannot help but feel the warmth rise from the heart. The thought of such a beautiful gift, the result of the embrace of love, is a wonderful and blessed image.

Sons are indeed a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward ~ Psalm 127:3

When asked whether it had put me off having any of my own, my reply? Not at all.

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