Friday 25th November - Respite

Hello there, it's me.

I wanted to share with you the shenanigans of Raisin Weekend but Mr Dissertation has been keeping me up most nights, so I'm yet to get round to it.

Today I went to bed at 6am after completing half my dissertation. I can't really remember what I did during the day except I know I was outside and was angry with a printer. I spent most of my evening filling in a job application form for a job I really want. Don't you just detest application forms? They ask you so much rubbish about yourself that it makes you wonder whether you know yourself at all. Anyway, I managed to send it off with 33 minutes to spare.

On the application form, I was asked to list, if I had any, published articles. Looking on the internet I found this. It never fails to make me smile. Actually, just seeing "author" near my name makes me giggle a little.

I also found a comment on a blog questioning the reliability of one of my articles:

Fr Gerard:
But, it was Fr, Hunwicke himself who said it; "He added: “I shall promptly delete any comments on it." The authoritarian and heavy-handed Roman way is, in the present circumstances, quite worthy - indeed, demanding - of attention. Some would do well to look at it and see it for what it is. 

"Anonymous wrote: is just internet gossip and second-hand at that. I have no idea of the reliability of the author."
The author is the reporter, Rachel Obordo, for The Catholic Herald, the source for what you call "internet gossip." But, when it comes to authors whose reliability is unknown, may we assume that your name is not really Anonymous?

*Giggles* Someone called me a reporter.

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