Raisin Weekend (20th - 21st November)

I was going to write a bit about Raisin Weekend and how it's a great tradition (so great in fact it makes world and national headlines), but I think the photos are pretty self-explanatory.

Raisin Sunday: Mother's "Tea party" - 3pm

The pot game: Two or more people balance on a pot and have to get the rope over everyone without any support from the floor

Despite a sprained ankle, she was determined to take part in The cardboard box game (picking up the box with only your mouth and only your feet touching the floor. Every round a bit of the box gets torn off making it harder to pick up) -  4pm

The strawberry laces and polo game: Tie a polo into the middle of a lace, using only your mouth you have to be the first to reach the polo.

This is a dangerous game. This is the moment when he gave her a "Glasgow kiss".

After a wave of dizziness, nausea and a nose bleed, all was fine - 5pm

The ice game: An ice block is attached to a long piece of string. The string must go through your clothes (both top and bottom), ice block following, for the next person to do the same. The winning team is the one who gets the string through every person first.

The second round of Ring of Fire - 6 to 8pm (?) 

I apparently was the only one light enough to try this technique for the pot game.

Jousting on bikes with no breaks and crutches. Because shields and horses are overrated - 9pm

More Ring of Fire - 10 to 11pm

And on to another party that consisted of face paint, Michael Jackson, dancing and the usual....  - 11pm till 6am

Raisin Monday: Breakfast provided by mothers in order to sober up the parents children - 8am

My son's costume. Casually padding himself out - 9am

Dressed him up as Jessica Rabbit from the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Most people just mistook him for being in drag. That's fine too.

Getting ready for the foam fight - 10am

Do you need anymore proof that we go to Hogwarts?


The infamous foam fight - 11 to 12pm

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