Wednesday 2nd November - Book Review

If any of you are interested in the Oxford Movement, I wrote a book review on it in the Westminster Record (page 17).

For a book I didn't find particularly riveting, I'm surprised I managed to hammer out that many words about it. I think my favourite line is 'Just over 100 pages, the book is an exhaustive insight into Lockhart's history, conveniently condensed into a digestible size for those less inclined to read through volumes of Victorian history.' That's code for 'It's short and is therefore good for lazy people like me.'

In other news, I'm off on retreat to a Cistercian abbey tomorrow. So, no phones, no Maximus (though I will be bringing Hector) and no contact with the outside world. God knows I'm in dire need of one right now, so I'm really hoping my time away will be fruitful. I'm sure I'll write about my stay there, so stay tuned for a long post.

Hopefully it won't just be 'Huh, Wales is just like Scotland, but with less sun.'

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