December Backlog

The ginger beer glasses in the Union are brill.

Christmas Bop - Had the dancefloor to ourselves, it was that good.

My son, gave me a great Christmas present. A toolbox, filled with lots of little things that had come up in conversation i.e. my love for peppermint chocolate, and my obvious obsession with Lego.

My full title as a member of the College committee.
Beer for my tutor - check, free radio and cassette player - check, chips in a pub - check.

Mitchell's is a great little place in town. So trendy and everything is Scottish. The seats are upholstered with tweed and the lights are made of bottles.

Even the holders for cutlery have Scottish origins!

My College hoodie. Had to return it in the end as the design was wrong.
A shortened version of my title.

So I kind of lied in one of my last posts about my son's raisin string as being my last. My friend's mother didn't make her one before she left so I said I would. There's a devilstick (we're members of Juggling Soc), a guitar (she plays), a book (she binds books), a mountain complete with little stick climbers (she's a mountain climber) and a star.
About half of the books I used for my dissertation. I have to eventually bring them all back to the library....

Christmas-themed cupcakes from Bibi's.
The Vaughan Christmas Carol Service - Beautiful as usual.

Unplugged Sessions gig at the St Pancras Old Church.

Emily and the Woods.
Sam Brookes.
The Lego Christmas tree in St Pancras station.

Boy, do architects know how to party.
At my Gran's to celebrate her birthday.
As one would expect, there was rice, and lots of it.

This had my brother and I in tears. At first we thought our Gran had just wrapped her plant in tinsel, but in fact, the plant died so she just wrapped the bamboo stick that supported it in tinsel instead.

Found more old photos - This is my Gran as a nurse, on the rooftop of the Royal Marsden Hospital where she worked.

I don't know where this is, but I like it. It's got an ethereal feel to it.

Looking far too happy on the day after Princess Diana's death. Still, a lovely photo.

Loving the shirt.

Before (right) and after (left).

Then off to brave the crowds for a spot of Christmas shopping.

The only nice thing about Oxford Street at this time of year - the lights.

Took a cycle down by the canal. T'was a lovely crisp afternoon.

Ended up in Hyde Park.

After Midnight Mass - the best part of Christmas.
Opening presents in the morning - He couldn't wait.

I was given a wooden model as a gift. I had much fun sanding down the pieces to make sure the pieces slotted in perfectly.

No one else wanted to pop the cork off the Champagne, so I volunteered.


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