Saying "Good Morning (Afternoon)" - My Way

So, we have a climbing frame outside our house. Naturally, I felt the need to have a wander about on it.  At the last minute though, I thought I'd put the frame to good use - say Good Afternoon to my flatmate.

The note. Not just any note. This note was going to shine. It was going to be different from any other.

This was it. There was no turning back.

I clambered out and looked back. Had I forgotten something?

A tricky path but I was not deterred. I was adamant to complete my task.

Casually checking myself out.

The Climb.

It was a long way down, but it was ok. I had reached the halfway mark. I was close.

Edging closer I could see the end in sight.

Mission completed. The note had reached its destination.

I *may* have recycled the paper.

The result?


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