Friday 15th July - Writing

At least with essays one has free reign to write whatever one likes, approach a question how one likes and reference whatever one likes (bar Wiki). Granted one might lose marks for flippancy or using colloquial language but at least it's all one's own work.

Writing for a newspaper is completely different. Most of the time the finished article is only half of what you originally submitted, and that's not even including the structural changes or the words you - or someone else - has supposedly said.

It's tough because one ends up feeling a bit reluctant to have one's name attached to a story they didn't really write. Sure it would be published in the newspaper/online, but it's not really one's own work.

Why would anyone want credit for something they didn't write?

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  1. Well then it's just as well that you are an amazing writer isn't it. Stay cool.
    BTW - I'm reading Sophie's World, and somehow I just know you have read this book.