Saturday 6th August - Mr Nobody

Mr Nobody is an incredibly thought-provoking film. It deals with complex issues such as time and possibility, and leaves the viewer pondering the deep questions of life.

It shows that life can have meaning regardless of which path we decide to take. It can be both beautiful and sad, but ultimately unpredictable. The film is full of memorable quotes. One of my favourites is from the scene where 118-year-old Nemo Nobody is being interviewed by a young journalist.

Nobody says, "Every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else and would have just as much meaning."

It's got me thinking (rarely a good thing and never a surprise) about all the possibilites that have been presented to me, one way or another, in the disguise of a choice. Every decision we make has its consequences, whether good or bad, or for better or worse. Nothing is left to chance - and neither should it. We must take responsibility for the choices we make, even if it means ploughing through the rough.

Loves have been lost, chances missed but not all is gone. Friendships have lasted, new things experienced and goals have been achieved. Such is life - a whirlwind of opportunity and meaning just waiting for us to grab it and hold on.

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  1. I can't wait to see this movie. I had never even heard of it. On the phone to Blockbusters in the next ten minutes.