I'm ill and bound to my bed. The doctor said staying up late till the early hours of the morning, hunched over writing an essay is not good for my back. She also said that it doesn't help that I'm 'stressed' and not eating and sleeping properly.

Well for one, the essay had to be written. Yes, ok it didn't have to be done at 4am but I'd left it so late that I had no other choice. And the 'stress', well that's something everyone has. I'm no more stressed than your average student. So I've been under a bit of pressure lately, but who hasn't? Do you know what I tell myself? Deal with it (or as a friend puts it 'suck it up') And if I don't ... well I've only got myself to blame for anything that comes my way.

Anyone for a cress sandwich?


  1. I know the feeling , I handed my dissertation in on Friday morning and now I am a wreck:), still not as bad as a friend of mine who left writing her dissertation in until three days beforehand.

  2. Three days maybe for an essay, but a dissertation?!

    I'm hoping my time management skills will improve for next year ... when it all starts to count.

  3. yeah, mad isn't it :), still she actually managed to hand it in half an hour before the deadline........ after spending 3 days and nights on coffee and ciggerettes,still to giver her credit she started the reading 5 days beforehand.
    Take my advice 3rd year is a ***** even for lowly marketing students so if your time management skills are poor I think you'd better get them up to scratch