Friday 19th June - God Trumps Darwin

It's a wonder how quite a few people in the Philippines believe that the world was created in 6 days, especially considering that it is the third largest Catholic country in the world. Obviously my statement is just a generalisation based upon who I have asked and observations I happen to have made, but nonetheless.

The same goes for the theory of evolution.
Just the other day my cousin had an 'assignment' regarding the evolution of humans from apes. My aunt was beside him and I asked her - knowing that she is a Baptist - whether she believes it or not. She answered me with such conviction that I thought it best not to question her any further.

'Of course I don't believe in it. To say that it is true is to say that the Lord does not consider us to be special. To say that, is to say that we were apes!
It's written and that is why I believe it. Some other Christians choose what to believe but it is in the Bible and so I believe it to be true.'

So I thought to myself, 'What right do I have to say that she is wrong (according to what I believe)?'
It is not for me to judge whether she is right or wrong; at the same time I know it would be useless for her to try and persuade me (and the other way around) to believe otherwise. A quote found on Fr Erik's blog (consequently found on Father Z's blog) sums it up pretty well:

If you do not believe, then there cannot be dialogue, but only debate. The truths of our faith are not open to debate.--Archbishop John C. Nienstedt
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Each to their own I guess.

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