Wednesday 21st July - The past week

Thursday - Can't remember.

Friday - Same as the above.

Saturday - Travelled to Laguna in search of someone I had not seen for eight years. No luck. They are in Russia. Later, said person contacted me. Too much to cope with already without this new change of circumstance. Eight years is a long time. What does one say? Also went to a mall, watched the Sorceror's Apprentice and got a tattoo.

Sunday - Went 'malling' in the Mall of Asia and watched Inception. Highly recommend this film. Head hurts from thinking too much.

Monday - Again went malling for some postcards, a phone and a hamster. Came home empty handed on the animal front.

Tuesday - Wrote and dropped off a letter. Went to Greenhills to buy some bags. Dear Lord, shopping there is hell. But, I bought some new shoes and went home with a boxful of Krispy Kremes. Mmm.

Wednesday - Had tea and played cards with my cousins. Sitting here writing this. Box of Krispy Kremes now empty. Discovered what a bosun is. Wondering how I'm going to cope for another month if I refuse to step into another mall, and thinking of what I am going to eat now that I'm getting sick of rice.

Concise enough for you all?

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