Wednesday 22nd December - BBC One's The Nativity, Episode Three

More thoughts:
  • Great characterisation. You really feel like you can empathise with them,regardless of whether you believe in the story of the Nativity or not.
  • A frustrated Joseph; a sceptical one; an angry one; a betrayed one. Completely understandable and well-portrayed.
  • No one believes Mary and it's tough. Being blessed by God is not an easy task. How do you maintain your faith in a God who has turned all your loved ones against you?
  • It's all about testing one's faith. Joseph's faith in Mary. Mary's faith in God. The Magi's faith in the stars. It's about asking those hard questions people of faith ask every time they are faced with a challenge: If God really loved me, why would He do this to me?
  • 'The pursuit of wisdom cannot be measured in miles.'
  • I loved the shot where Melchior strokes his beard in a very Magi way.

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