When I was younger, so much (well not that much) younger than today

Earlier this week I went for a walk. I'm trying to make sure I leave the house at least once a day for a bit of 'fresh' air. This time I wandered into the local park, or as it is known to most of the schoolchildren the 'Teletubby park'.

I remember when the Teletubby park didn't exist; all that was there was a small rubber mound and three little rocking riders (those things on springs). Fifteen years later and there's an elaborate area where you can clang a tune, or whisper into a tube only to hear the voice of your friend. There's even a sandpit.

The place is looking a bit worn out. Funded by the National Lottery, the playground's been taken for granted. The swings look like they've been used as chew toys, and the rubber flooring more akin to a road littered with potholes. I remember when I was 15/16 I used to spend a lot of my spare time there. When I wasn't doing my homework or watching Keenan and Kel, I was skateboarding and jumping off the swings as if I was Superman. Things were so much more easier then.

I used to skateboard down the 'hill' on the right (pictured above). It took a good couple of tumbles and grazes before I managed to skate down it standing up. It looked much bigger when I was only 4ft tall.

The swings were my favourite. I used to swing to my heart's content. One time I even swung so high and jumped off I thought I was flying. Only to land with a thud ... and a sprained ankle.

I have only have a few memories of my primary school days. It was so much fun being that young and innocent. It was there that I found my love for art and all things educational. Doing my homework and having the neatest handwriting was something really important to me (clearly I had my priorities straight). It's funny when you think about it: when you're younger you want to be a 'grown-up' so you can go out by yourself and do whatever you like, yet, when you have finally 'grown up' (I'd still like to think I've not reached this point yet) you spend your spare time reminiscing about your younger days.

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