Sunday 27th March - Spring Break

Spring break for two weeks. Naturally I started it in style: reading, writing notes and spending time with Maximus (the MacBook).

Yesterday - or shall I say early this morning - I had an epic iChat conversation that lasted nearly eight hours. So what does one talk about/do for eight hours on iChat?

  • Talk about/re-enact my crazy expressions
  • Play the ukelele wearing a trilby and a waistcoat
  • Wear hats (I wore a chullo)
  • Lego man makes an appearance, along with his friends the Crunchy Nut cereal box and the Red Bull can
  • Pass Pringles through the screen
  • Show off the Pringles tower (which has now reached the top of the window!)
  • How olives are no substitute for Pringles
  • Vlogging (you guys read the tripe I write, do you really want to watch me verbally corrupt you with it? Thoughts in the com box)
  • Catholic teaching
  • Find the effects on iChat extremely amusing - especially the 'mirror' one
  • Spiders and how I would swallow one - I never want this conversation to be repeated again EVER
  • How we should really go to bed soon - this suggestion was repeated every half hour until everyone succumbed to the Sandman, leaving me with the Lego man and admitting defeat (5am)

1 comment:

  1. Let the record show that you even outlasted your friend who lives 5 times zones behind you. :) You certainly had a big day of chatting!