Wednesday 9th March - Turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel

It's a busy time with Lent, essays, presentations etc. but I thought i'd quickly write a post saying that things are, well, good.

I've always wanted to start yoga classes, so I made it one of my Lenten promises to do so. I had never been before so went on Tuesday evening. I was looking forward to being one of those people who really enjoys and benefits from it, but I don't think it's really 'me'. Yoga is supposed to make you feel relaxed but I couldn't help but find it stressful. I mean writing an essay is more relaxing than what I experienced! Now, this may have been because it was quite a strenuous routine that evening. My friends tell me that it's not usually that demanding but I'm not sure whether I'm going to go back. I should really. It being Lent an' all - doing things you don't really want to do. (Obviously this is not the theological significance or the true meaning of it, but still, you understand what I'm trying to say, right?)

I went to Crail today so I could attend an Ash Wednesday service. It was a beautiful day on the coast but in true Scottish fashion, extremely windy. It saddened me to see that I was the only young person at Mass. It might be because Crail is such a small town, but still, I expected at least ONE other person. Anyway, there was an amusing moment during Mass when nobody knew the hymn we were singing. The parish priest (the same one I have here at St Andrews) suggested that we sing one that we knew - or at least one we "thought" we knew. As expected this ended badly, with the priest having to give a quick choir lesson to the congregation on how to 'sing together and on the same note' whilst people received the ashes. Lovely service though. And so begins Lent and the time of year when I constantly fail to keep any of my Lenten promises.

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