Friday 11th September - Good Times

Sifting through my email account, deleting various junk such as enquiries I sent about trolleys, the odd viagra email and whatnot, I stumbled across something that made me cringe/laugh/smile.

A very good friend of mine was trying to cheer me up one time and so compiled a list of things I had said regarding topics ranging from being absent at school to men. I'll only post a few so as to save me (some) embarassment:

[about a killing headache]: i might just explode like peter! (from Heroes)
[about DT]: RAH
[about an absence]: i extremely dislike missing school unless im actually on the verge of dying
[about late nights on MSN]: am happily distracted, like a rabbit in headlights
[about our forgetful ways]: its like surpassing menopause and gaining the mind of an elderly person
[about your headache]: i have a headache from hearing the do ddod do sound the phone makes
[about your gender]: and i would know, as im a girl i would think so anyway lol
[about teenage depression]: we always need someone to reassure us that were not all pieces of crap
[one of my favourite quotes]: but again you are right
[you being profound]: the way i see it, as i remind myself every single day, is that things happen for a reason, a good one in the end
[about your own mindset]: those like me are (too) clouded by other thoughts, to realise that most of whats important in life is right in front of us
[you reassuring me]: theres nothing wrong with living in a dream
[about your ethnicity]: probably do, seeing as im from venus
[about men]: its ok for a man to cry, if he doesnt id think him wierd
[about men]: i think it is FACT that guys just do not get hints
[about tea]: see i know that if i drink tea my bladder will swell to the size of a pea
[random moment of childishness]: hehe that rhymes
[a very helpful quote]: we can't choose who we love

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