Tuesday 22nd September: Reason #2 - Catholic Society

Second to last volunteering event for the week and I found myself dispatched to help with the Catholic BBQ at Canmore.

There weren’t many people when I arrived, but with free food and the usual what-are-you-studying banter one encounters during Freshers’ Week, the place was packed before you could say a prayer.

I like Canmore even though the building is home to noticeboards that look like they have been decorated by 11-year olds, and sofas so old that once you sit down you find yourself wedged as if you’ve watched an episode of Derren Brown. With a picture of the Pope positioned next to one of Indiana Jones, it’s got more variation than you can shake a crosier at.

There was one person I met that didn’t have a clue as to what Catholicism was about. He was taken for a quick tour around Canmore when he stopped and pointed at a photo on the wall.

Fresher: Who's that?
Volunteer: Erm… That’s the Pope
Fresher: Ah!… Who’s the Pope?
Volunteer: *gasps and begins to recite a Hail Mary*

This guy’s reaction every time he was told something new was like watching a 5-year old in a toy store.

One person’s ignorance is another’s form of laughter.

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