Sunday 27th September: Reason #4 - Societies Fayre & Pier Walk

A few friends and I wandered over to the Union pretending to be Freshers in order to get some free goodies from the Societies Fayre. We signed up for the odd society too, but primarily we went for the complimentary goods.

Head to Head: Catholic Society vs. LGBT Society

A list of free things we were given:

· A faulty rape alarm that went off whilst we were in Tesco, deceiving the till worker into thinking her scanner was broken and the rest of the customers (in and outside the store) that a car alarm was going off
· The most hideous glass advertising Irn-Bru
· A couple of bottle openers
· A Frisbee from Pizza Express
· A Conservative badge
· Blister plasters
· Tangle toy
· A ‘goodie bag’ of trim, extra, mint, vanilla, blueberry, chocolate, strawberry and banana condoms
· Ominous looking sweets from Asda

It being the first Sunday of the semester, the traditional Pier Walk was to take place after Chapel. So in the spirit of acting as if we were Freshers, we moseyed along down to East Sands to:

1. Take photos
2. Discuss how much we (well my friends) like seagulls
3. Grumble at how those doing the pier walk ruin our photos by walking sporadically
4. Grumble at how some of those who are doing the pier walk ruin our photos by not wearing gowns

'I look like a bird' - You do when you flap your arms like that

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